Why Cute is Important and a Little Introduction to Me!

My name is Laura Bullock. I have been designing interiors since I was strong enough to move furniture. My parent’s house had a magical basement which contained several generations worth of old furniture, mirrors, wood trim and tools.  I would dream something up and down there it would be.

Combining the ideas of peace in one’s soul reflecting in the appearance of one’s person and home came when I began to worry that perhaps all the energy I was spending on home interior design was a little silly.  It is not silly.  It is important.

I have entitled this blog “Cute is Important”. Cute, for our purposes, is the idea of something being the way we like. It puts us at ease. A cute outfit, haircut, living room, boy, girl, car, city, smile, is nice. It feels good. I always wanted to be pretty or even beautiful. I am cute. It is enough. I think cute comes with very little pressure.

When we are at ease with ourselves it is reflected all around us. Our face, our clothes, our rooms, our friends, our loved ones. It turns out you can judge a book by its cover.The great thing about this is that even if everything is a mess around us all is not lost. Cleaning up the mess helps us to feel better inside and out. We don’t have to wait to figure out that we are alright before we clean our bathroom. It doesn’t matter which comes first: a cute bathroom or a cute soul. They both lead to the other.

7 thoughts on “Why Cute is Important and a Little Introduction to Me!

  1. I couldn’t agree more – currently engaged in “Operation Cosy” in hopes that creating a space that I love in this house will tidy my brain as well. Quite happy to find your blog & similar mindset :)

  2. You and your website are lovely and inspiring!!!! I love it that cute doesn’t come with pressure. And I love your 5 beauty tips!!!

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