Treat yourself the way you treat your best friend.

Treat yourself the way you would want your best friend to be treated. Every time I have ever said that sentence to anyone I can see the light dawn over their head. Wouldn’t it be great if we could pull off this idea? Imagine what life would be like if we always choose for ourselves the best and brightest.

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Just imagine how many lousy dates I could have avoided if my best friend were in charge of the selection. How much bad food I would not have eaten in moments of crisis. Think of how much sooner I would have added exercise into my life had it not been up to me. I would never have had too much to drink or dropped out of college or married an idiot. No insulting things would ever be thought or said about myself as I stand in front of a mirror in my underwear each morning. I would have practiced the piano and the guitar and the violin and the recorder and ice skating. I would paint every day. Oh when I think of the bad haircuts I could have avoided. I would have learned that I love kale years ago. I would be able to speak a foreign language or two. I would never have bought dumb cars. I would never drive too fast or tailgate. I would know how to swim. My garden would be lovely. I would never watch reality TV. Well, maybe the food channel.

What would your best friend choose for you?
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9 thoughts on “Treat yourself the way you treat your best friend.

  1. “Never would have married an idiot”?
    Hope you’re talking about your first husband. If not, too bad … you’re stuck with me. :o).

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