Thanksgiving Table

I love setting the table. There are so many good memories I have of great meals and conversations shared around the dinner table. Making it beautiful is part of the fun for me. There is a Barbra Streisand/Jeff Bridges movie in which she invites him to dinner and the table is very, very fancy. It looked ridiculous.fancy table in Barbra Streisand movie I realize that is Lauren Bacall in the photo but it was all I could find. For a while it made me rethink setting the table so formally. But that’s no fun!!! At least on Thanksgiving we can be a little fancy, right? A few images from past Thanksgivings will give you an idea of how fancy I like to be. Credit goes to my niece, Gaia, for the top right image. images from past Thanksgiving tables

This year I thought I would do a few test runs. My husband is enjoying it. The first is a blank canvas of sorts. Let’s call it a White Thanksgiving. Layering a vintage white cloth with a velvet faux bois table runner made a good base.  Several candles and a pretty white porcelain bowl with four sections filled with starburst mums complete the centerpiece. Mixing vintage dishes with new is a great way to keep things interesting and beautiful. Place cards are fashioned out of some homemade tiles I had on hand lettered in chalk.

Next I think I’ll do a more traditional color palette. And perhaps I’ll also trial run a pie or two. My family always makes the world’s best pumpkin pie recipe from my Swedish Great Grandmother. This year I’ll make a grain-free crust using almond flour. I’ll share it all!A White Thanksgiving Tableplacecards in chalk for ThanksgivingA White Thanksgiving tableThanksgiving in White

My Kitchen: After!

White!  My kitchen is now white. I have never painted a room white until now. One can hardly tell a difference from the before and after. But, I promise, there is. I’ll give you a little tour.

The view from the living room into the kitchen. I took that wall down the first time my husband left me home alone.

The view from the living room into the kitchen.
I took that wall down the first time my husband left me home alone.

a view of the complimentary color combination

best kitchen tool ever

It cuts the cutest spiral vegetables and is easy to clean.

My kitchen is very small. I removed all the upper cabinets immediately and replaced them with open shelving. I have changed the style of shelving several times. I love this glass over the window so much. It lends itself to a feeling of spaciousness.

The view to my white kitchen

My first white room. It was easier than I thought….to go white. I still hate painting, though.

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