Inanimate Housemates

Do you have objects in your life that are like family? I do. Let me introduce you. First there is a puppet boy. I first met him in an antique store when I was on the hunt for something else entirely. It was love at first sight. He frightened me every time I walked into the room for months! I forgave him, though, because he is so little puppet

Spot the dog lives on our dining room table with the salt and pepper.  He used to belong to Mr. Bill.Mr. Bill's dog, SpotWe seem to love dogs. Here are two more….the-dogcement-bulldog

Please met our littlest dog. Poor thing has had a tooth ache for decades. He is a dear member of the family.



The newest members of the household live in the kitchen. They are the cutest couple ever.gmac and kitty the wife


Am I weird? I mean, I know I am but wouldn’t you love to have these items join your family?


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