5 Easy Steps to Add to Your Beauty Routine

There is a new member of our family. She is so very beautiful and I can’t wait to hold her for hours and hours. While we are all beautiful at birth our beauty changes as we move through life. Our faces and bodies reflect our history. What we eat. What we absorb as truth. What we think and hear. How much sun, wind and rain we stand in. Our laughter and anger. Our love and our indifference. All of these things have an effect on our soul which in turn effects our countenance.

I was convinced as a girl that I needed contacts for my poor, blind eyes, name-brand jeans for my butt, clearesil for my skin, cherokee shoes and I can’t remember what all else. I needed these things to be beautiful. I had none of them. My mother sewed my clothes and I had knock-off shoes and jeans. I think I used ivory bar soap.

The things I really needed to be beautiful was good relationships, love, acceptance, passion, health, curiosity, generosity, kindness. Slowly I learned this over my lifetime. I learned it as I saw it in others. One of the most popular girls in my high school had none of those things on the first list either. She was simply nice to everyone. She had all the stuff from the good list. I am friends with her on Facebook and I love seeing the photos from her life. She is a happy, beautiful woman.

Following is a 5 step guide for sustaining our beauty everyday. My favorite almost-six year old is here to help us with our beauty steps.

5 Steps for a Successful Beauty Routine

Step one to be beautiful

Be generous. Volunteer in your community. Your local school, political party, neighborhood library, CASA program, hospital, meals-on-wheels, Big Brother/Sister program will all make you beautiful.

Step two to be beautiful


Eat well. Spend quality time picking out and preparing your food. Caring for yourself in this way is a beautiful thing and will pay off for you and your loved ones.

Step three to be beautiful


Choose happiness everyday. Our feelings are choices. They don’t just randomly drop on our heads. They are not controlled by outside forces. My father used to say this to me all the time and he is right.


Step four to be beautiful


Have fun. Spend quality time doing lots of things you enjoy. I don’t feel guilty anymore when I spend a whole day futzing around my house rearranging, painting, organizing, etc. Or shopping in antique stores. Love that!

Step five to be beautiful


Be brave. Try those things you think you might not be able to do. Things you might be afraid to do. You just might fail. But you might not. I have never tried water skiing. It looks like so much fun but I’m sure I’ll never figure it out. Maybe one day soon I’ll be brave and try it. Maybe.

Easy things to do every day to bring beauty into our lives and right onto our face!

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
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