Pretty vs Practical

As you know I think cute is important. I really, really do. All the time. I think I am also a very practical person. I like things to be useful. I don’t see why those two things can’t be easily combined.

I was over at my mom’s this weekend helping her re-pot some plants on her deck. By the end of the afternoon she had laughed at me more than once watching as I would tisk tisk over finding the plant description labels still stuck in the potted plants.She has watched me tisk tisk over finding labels still stuck to storage containers, price stickers stuck to decorative items, tags left on pillows, anything that could be pretty-in-a-minute that isn’t. How hard is it to spend a second to transform the ordinary into the cute? Take those ugly stickers off! plant pot with label still stuck in it

My mother insisted I leave the label in the plant. “It’s handy to be able to tell what kind of plant it is.”  My response wasn’t very nice. “It’s a perennial, Mom, it will just do what it’s gonna do.” I went home and realized I was no better. Look:plant pot with ugly sticker

I promise to work on that sticker. I also promise to lighten up. Maybe.



My Retreat

I love my bedroom. When I open my eyes in the morning (and put on my glasses for I am as blind as can be for someone with sight) I see my favorite books on the shelf at the end of my bed. A little statue that my grandmother loved stands in front of the books. There are candles that were a gift from my husband. Hanging on the wall next to me is a photo or two of us kissing. A comfortable chair with a bit of lamb’s wool and a warm throw and soft pillow holds my little dog snoring away. Above the chair hangs a heart-shaped collage.

a heart collage of photos

a collection of my loves

The light from my windows change with the season but the curtains are always soft and pretty regardless of the weather. Waking up in this retreat is gentle and lovely. I like it. I feel at peace.

my bedroom retreat

my bedroom

The kitties love my bedroom, too.

The kitties love my bedroom, too.

Pretty Closets

I live in a tiny house. One of my favorite activities is cleaning out closets and organizing drawers. Thankfully this makes living in a small house a good match. Let me show you my hacked Billy bookcase and my closet that took 10 years and 45 minute. 10 years to get around to building it to be a workhorse and the 45 minutes it took to actually do it. You may wonder why, in such a small house, I need a whole cabinet for shoes. Go ahead and wonder all you want.


closet organization, baskets, shelves, artTo build out the closet I removed the hanging rod and put in shelves and baskets. It works so much better for me. The prints are from a talented artist: Lisa Golightly. They came in a goodie bag for a wonderful event called Girl Crush thrown by The Jealous Curator.

hacked Billy bookcase, pretty shoe storage, closet

For my shoe storage I sprayed the Billy doors pink, lined the back with fabric and the doors with wonderful paper from Flutter. The pulls are from Anthropologie.

I love choosing my shoes each morning from this cupboard. Finding what I need in my closet is easy and a little bit delightful!

Coming home to a sense of calm

When I come home I enjoy walking into a bit of prettiness. The colors are calm and soothing.  The air itself is welcoming.  There is a couch that looks ready to be fallen in to.  A table in front of the couch that has a good spot for my feet and a cup of coffee.  The lamp is perfectly placed to shed a warm glow and good light for a book.  There is comfortable seating for several friends or cats and a table at which have been many a good meal and better company.


My animals also greet me at the door. They dance and jump, behaving as if I were a long-lost hero. My lab, Chloe, always brings me a gift – her red rubber toy. If my husband is home I get a kiss, too.

What greets you when you come home?

my comfortable couch, pretty living room

a soft spot to land

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