Making Firestarters

We heat our home with a wood stove. I love it. I have gotten pretty good at starting the fire. I cheat. I use fire starters out of a box. It makes it so much easier! I think I spent $100 on boxes of the stuff last year. One of my favorite blogs, The Art of Doing Stuff, did a tutorial on making fire starters. I had been saving egg cartons and gathering pinecones to do just that. I had not gotten around to buying the wax so I just used some extra large tea lights. This weekend I had fun making them.

The pinecones were a bit damp and so I left them by the fire for a few minutes.    drying the pinecones by the fire

I popped the wax out of the metal holder and separated the wick. If I was really clever I’d think of something to do with those metal cups…tea lights to make fire starters

Karen suggested using dryer lint. Brilliant. I had to make sure my lint didn’t have too much dog hair in it. We have a lot of dog hair around here.adding in the dryer lint for fire starters

I love using the pinecones. They smell terrific. I just topped off the lint with a pinecone in each egg cup.melting the wax for fire starters

Parchment paper on my counter to protected it from the wax. Once the wax was set I cut the cartons apart. I might cut them apart before filling them next time. assembling firestarters

Funny story:

When I moved into this house it was as a renter. The living room had wall to wall carpet. Blah. My landlord wouldn’t allow me to pull it up. One day I decided to entice my very cute landlord into my apartment by asking him to show me how to build a fire in a wood stove. He got the fire roaring and, so that we could enjoy it all the more, he left the doors open. Sure enough a burning log fell out, rolled over the marble tile and onto the carpet. We pulled the carpet up the very next day and got married just a few months later.home made fire starters

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