Treasures from My Mother’s Basement

I may have mentioned that recently I spent 5 days cleaning and organizing my mother’s basement. It’s one of those crusty basements that hold lots of mystery and treasure from 97 years of living. I do believe I found every roller shade that had ever been used on a window. All the moving boxes, neatly labeled and stacked for the next move, were folded and stored from 42 years ago. 1 million tea cups from both grandmothers were found. There were some wonderful treasures that I brought home. Costume jewelry from my Grandma Mabel. A beautiful liquor set my parents bought at auction. The bottle of perfume that I always thought was so elegant on my mother’s bureau.

grandma's pile of sparkly jewelrymy grandmas cameo earringspurple-liqueur-set

Madame Rochas Perfume

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