Make-up Tips

Do you still apply your make-up the way you did in high school? Learning how to most effectively highlight one’s features takes a long time.  I am still learning.  I finally decided the best way to wear make-up was to try to look like I was not wearing any….that I was just naturally fresh and glowing.  Oh boy.

Up until about 18 months ago I was working in the fitness industry. It was so great looking forward to work everyday. I fell in love with health, women and movement. I never knew going to the gym could be so fun.

When I first began working in a women’s fitness center I noticed that not many people wear make-up when they work out. My impression of each woman’s beauty was based on their countenance and not on their skill with cover-up. As I began to see them outside of the gym it was a little freaky because they would look like a girl looks when she has put on her mother’s make-up. No one looked more beautiful with make-up on then when they were make-up free. I went home and washed my own face. I decided to face the world make-up free. It was hard.

I went without any make-up on until I could recognize myself in a mirror. Recognize my own beauty, as it were. It took more than a month. I still like a little mascara now and then and when I dress up fancy I like to have a little more fun with the paint.

There is nothing better at exposing our beauty than happiness and contentment. A close second is a delicious, healthy diet and lots of movement everyday.a collection of make-up

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