Where I blog at home Part 2+

Part 2 because I have already made changes. Cool changes. Plus I promised to show you a DIY for a beautiful origami light shade. I love light fixtures. I could change them every month! I googled for good directions and found this pdf. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make. I rehearsed with regular paper first allowing me to discover that the size isn’t crucial as long as you make sure it’s longer by quite a bit on one length. No square paper in other words.making an origami light shade

Doesn’t it look pretty? I also took down the big mirror and put up some new treasures. my office nookmy office nook

In big news, for me, let me show you what I can do now thanks to a new lens on my camera. I don’t know why this wasn’t the first lens I bought but I am thankful it is mine now! I can photograph the whole room at once! So great! I haven’t actually purchased it yet. It turns out one can rent a lens to decide if it’s right! Cool!kitchen nook turned office

Where I blog in my home

I finally decided to create a dedicated spot in my home where I can write my blog. Up until now I would sit at my dining room table, on the couch or sometimes even in bed. my blogging spotThis area was once my kitchen nook. It still is but now I am calling it my office nook. Here is what it looked like a week ago:

pink ombre metal shelving unit



It is sure to change once I begin really using it. So far I love it. Currently I am typing with my computer on my lap and a cat is curled up next to me and another on my feet. I am dogsitting for my father while he and his wife are traveling in South Africa. It creates drama for the animals when there is a new girl added to the mix. The dogs just get a little more attention-hungry but the cats act like they will be killed any minute. Don’t worry. They are in no danger. It is fun to have them be more cuddly, though. You may remember our visitor, Brit, from a post I did in June.awake-Brit

Next up will be a very cool DIY I did to the light fixture. You will want to make one of these yourself! In fact my daughter already ordered two for her new house out in the woods. If you follow me on instagram you got a sneek peek.



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