Creating a space for everyday life


I ran across a blog post the other day (and now I can’t find it!) that talked about how the author worked and worked at designing her home and yet she felt like she was never successful. That it just never worked for her family. The Ikea catalog (of all things) arrived in her mailbox and as she was looking through it she found this definition of home: Ikea's-definition-of-home


As I just spent the last while with my living room transformed into a wood shop I had to laugh. Perhaps in my 20’s I decorated without consideration for practicality. Now it is all about usefulness. I love that usefulness can always look good. When something works seamlessly it is a thing of beauty. Although, I have to say, my dining room table does not make a very good workbench.dining room table

Every summer we use our space very differently than we do in the colder months. Our life centers around the table instead of the wood stove when it is warm outside. We enjoy long breakfasts with the sun streaming down upon us. The table is my sewing room, my artist studio, dinner table, blogging spot. My husband spends a lot of time at it reading his iPad, working on projects, drinking coffee.

In the summer I always shove the couch over against the wall and move the table out so that I can add more seating and open the leaves. Come winter I will pull the couch around right in front of the wood stove where we spend every evening in front of the fire.summertime-couchIf I were to only design our home for aesthetics and not for usefulness it would look alot different. I’d start with a beautiful rug and I would throw away the white slipcover. As I don’t think a room really works if the furniture is all lining the wall I would only float it in the proper conversational circle. But we would never use the room if I designed it that way. Ikea is right. My home is for everyday life as it happens. Because when my home works for the way we live, life simply becomes better. And it works great!


Man Cave

Do you have a man cave in your home? Years ago I did not. My man had his headquarters in the living room. One day I handed him a great article on man caves to read in an interior design magazine. They were full of old books and antique furniture rather than beer taps and sports posters.

“I have a great idea, dear!” he says to me.

“What is that, honey bunch?”

“Let’s turn the back room into my den!” As though it was his very own idea. Success!


Recently we moved things around in there and he requested dark curtains. Black curtains. Funny guy. Yesterday I sewed and hung them. Not a large impact but really effective for blocking all that sunlight while watching movies.

man cave before adding curtain

cute model!

man cave with dark grey curtain
two additions: curtain and cat


2 Good Jewelry Organizing Methods & How to have a Good Day

Don’t you love it when you have just the right outfit on so that you feel great?! The wrong item of clothing can really ruin a day. I don’t want to think twice about my appearance. The most successful way I find to do that is to wear something that fits comfortably and suits my coloring and shape. I am not a fusser. My hair takes exactly 20 seconds and my make-up 30. My teeth take the longest time. Floss regularly!!! My glasses cost a small fortune but I wear them every minute that I am awake and, my goodness, they are cute. Ask anyone. My goal is to always have comfortable, attractively shod feet. I confess that I sleep in my jewelry. I hardly ever change it. My husband has great taste and that is usually what inspires the change: a gift. But it is beautifully and locally crafted jewelry. Plus I love having it all organized and out on display.organizing my jewelry

my jewelry organized in old dishes

bracelets and pins organized in old dishes atop my bureau

jewelry cork board

jewelry cork board

necklaces and silk flowers hung on a diy cork board outside my bedroom

My Retreat

I love my bedroom. When I open my eyes in the morning (and put on my glasses for I am as blind as can be for someone with sight) I see my favorite books on the shelf at the end of my bed. A little statue that my grandmother loved stands in front of the books. There are candles that were a gift from my husband. Hanging on the wall next to me is a photo or two of us kissing. A comfortable chair with a bit of lamb’s wool and a warm throw and soft pillow holds my little dog snoring away. Above the chair hangs a heart-shaped collage.

a heart collage of photos

a collection of my loves

The light from my windows change with the season but the curtains are always soft and pretty regardless of the weather. Waking up in this retreat is gentle and lovely. I like it. I feel at peace.

my bedroom retreat

my bedroom

The kitties love my bedroom, too.

The kitties love my bedroom, too.

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