How to survive spending time with family without being the one to ruin it.

I recently spent a great deal of time with family. Tis the season to do so, right? It isn’t always an easy thing to do. People are messy. We get tired and grumpy and irritable or are just rude. What is worse is when it is yourself that does these to survive family gatherings

I have the loveliest family. Their get togethers are fun and easy…until I show up.

One of my favorite family members was telling a very funny story about a trip she took to her hometown. Right in the middle of her punchline my mouth opens up and starts talking over her. She even asked me to wait for her to finish. I just said the remaining words faster. omg.

I often come home from parties and second guess what I did or said. I hate that. I would like to be able to have enough style and sense to act like a civilized person without fear of some ghastly tidbit falling off my tongue or thoughtless act visited upon everyone by me. A list of rules will help me, I think. You can help me, too. I will begin the list and you add any that you can think of.


Leave the cell phone in the purse. period.leave the cell phone in your purse

Maybe during the last 5 minutes it would be okay to take it out and snap a few photos of the pretty Christmas tree or cute puppy.


Don’t talk when other people are talking.don't talk when other people are talking.

duh. I also have a bad habit of always having a similar story. Do you know what I mean? Someone tells a story about when they were in the first grade and so I have to tell my story about when I was in the first grade. Everyone who knows me and is reading this is nodding their heads right now.


Don’t bring up sore subjects.don't bring up sore subjects

This can be tricky but try, anyway, to not talk about other people’s past mistakes or embarrassing events.


Compliment the hostess/hostcompliment the host

People work really hard to make things nice in their homes before we all descend upon them. Mention how pretty the house is and how yummy the food tastes. I think that is one of my favorite things about visiting and having guests: all the care and energy put out for each other.


Hostess gifts are really nice.hostess gifts are nice

I love it when my guests bring me a little something. It feels very thoughtful. I need to get better at this. Plus if you’ve acted rudely at least you also brought a gift.


Don’t be the last to leave.don't be the last to leave

If you are at my house ignore this rule. I love lingerers But hosting is exhausting and I think it is a good idea to wrap things up and get the hell out in a timely manner.

There is a thing I have been seeing around the web lately about not saying goodbye at larger parties. I love this. It seems people have realized that they spend their whole party saying goodbyes instead of enjoying their guests. Leaving can also be catchy and it seems when one or two guests start leaving too loudly everyone else also thinks it is time to go and, before you know it, everyone has gone home early. This happened to me once. I spent a long time getting everything ready for a dinner party. One hour into it one of the guests had to leave and in 5 minutes everyone else left, too. I was left wondering if the food I served was awful or perhaps it was something I said….

I promise I’ll behave if you invite me to your house! Surely there are things I’ve forgotten to make this list complete. Do you have any rules to add to this list?

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