Choose Your Life and Plant Bulbs for Spring

Time and again when I have felt frustrated and stuck in situations like having no money or hating my job or being too fat or getting my feelings hurt I continue to have those things in my life as long as I can stand it and then, I choose something else. I choose the thing I knew would be the solution from the first minute I began to be frustrated. I am always the answer. You are always your answer. Which means that I am always the problem and so are you. Bad and trouble will always be around but unhappiness and torment are a choice we make. We have heard this one million times because it’s true.

choose your life

As I get older that choice becomes easier and easier to make, thank goodness. As I look back I marvel at how long it took me sometimes to admit to myself there was even a problem and even longer to remember that I was the solution. When I meet young women I always want to tell them the secret to happiness and contentment but I know they can neither hear nor believe it. I am thankful that when I was a young woman I had Mary Marjerrison in my life to see how someone can be happy in spite of their circumstances. I loved being around her because she was so kind and calm. I know that she had experienced much sorrow and yet her life seemed so lovely to me. It meant a lot to me that she would take time for me. When I was a little girl she would have me over to spend the night and we would have such a nice time together. I would see her every Sunday at church and she was always there volunteering at something. Our whole family was often invited over for dinner to her and her husband’s home. They were both so gentle and generous. Even when she was dying she was choosing her life. Her doctor suggested that she take some anti-depressant medication because she was feeling upset about her diagnosis. Her reply was that it was appropriate to feel upset in her situation. She spent her last Autumn planting bulbs for the Spring. I’ll bet those flowers look beautiful still.

table scape with forced bulb

My table with a Spring bloom gifted to me from a dear friend

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