Decorating for Christmas

I love to pick a theme each year with which to decorate for Christmas. I have used Swedish decorations in the past. The things one can weave out of straw! Then I moved on to birds. Feathers everywhere! Lately I have been using vintage glass ornaments. They were so much fun to hunt down. Last year my friend and I filled our instagram feeds with boxes of ornaments in antique shops. She’d post one and away I’d go to pick them up. The nice thing is they are very affordable.

This year I sent my husband out to buy the tree. He showed up with a $10 tree that was so cute! $10! Those vintage ornaments dressed it up!

my Christmas tree

My Christmas treeI like to put the tree in front of a mirror. That way you get twice the tree! Here is my favorite favorite ornament

Last year I put together this marquee sign. lighted up marquee sign

The angel orchestra is from my childhood Christmas decorations. I love them.angel-star-orchestra

With my leftover ornaments I made a wreath. It killed me to glue these. But I think it was worth it. Don’t you?wreath made of vintage ornaments

I hope you all have as much fun as I do decorating for the holiday. I wonder what my theme will be next year? 3 felt carolers


What do you think about my new blog layout? A nice couple from South Africa builds layouts and sells them on Etsy!

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