Thanksgiving Table

I love setting the table. There are so many good memories I have of great meals and conversations shared around the dinner table. Making it beautiful is part of the fun for me. There is a Barbra Streisand/Jeff Bridges movie in which she invites him to dinner and the table is very, very fancy. It looked ridiculous.fancy table in Barbra Streisand movie I realize that is Lauren Bacall in the photo but it was all I could find. For a while it made me rethink setting the table so formally. But that’s no fun!!! At least on Thanksgiving we can be a little fancy, right? A few images from past Thanksgivings will give you an idea of how fancy I like to be. Credit goes to my niece, Gaia, for the top right image. images from past Thanksgiving tables

This year I thought I would do a few test runs. My husband is enjoying it. The first is a blank canvas of sorts. Let’s call it a White Thanksgiving. Layering a vintage white cloth with a velvet faux bois table runner made a good base.  Several candles and a pretty white porcelain bowl with four sections filled with starburst mums complete the centerpiece. Mixing vintage dishes with new is a great way to keep things interesting and beautiful. Place cards are fashioned out of some homemade tiles I had on hand lettered in chalk.

Next I think I’ll do a more traditional color palette. And perhaps I’ll also trial run a pie or two. My family always makes the world’s best pumpkin pie recipe from my Swedish Great Grandmother. This year I’ll make a grain-free crust using almond flour. I’ll share it all!A White Thanksgiving Tableplacecards in chalk for ThanksgivingA White Thanksgiving tableThanksgiving in White

Planning a Birthday Party

Last September I had a blast throwing a birthday party for a special 6 year old and four of her friends/cousin. We all had so much fun! cute girls at a 6 year old partytreasure hunt and campfire

September is almost here again and so it is time to plan another birthday! I got right on to Pinterest and began pinning ideas. The birthday girl and I discussed having a craft or art party so I have been on the look out for great ideas for talented 7 year olds. pinterest board for birthday party

She mentioned that she really liked the treasure hunt last year and that perhaps this time our treasure could be art supplies! What a great idea, huh?!

I also need to come up with food and treat ideas. I was watching Ina Garten the other day and she made a cake for some kids and then let them decorate it with candy. That’s a lot of sugar, though. Too much sugar and little girls usually end up in tears and get the grumps. Maybe a variety of fruit would work. Star fruit, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries. Yum! I can’t wait! Please share any ideas you might have for fun parties in the comments section.

Treasures from My Mother’s Basement

I may have mentioned that recently I spent 5 days cleaning and organizing my mother’s basement. It’s one of those crusty basements that hold lots of mystery and treasure from 97 years of living. I do believe I found every roller shade that had ever been used on a window. All the moving boxes, neatly labeled and stacked for the next move, were folded and stored from 42 years ago. 1 million tea cups from both grandmothers were found. There were some wonderful treasures that I brought home. Costume jewelry from my Grandma Mabel. A beautiful liquor set my parents bought at auction. The bottle of perfume that I always thought was so elegant on my mother’s bureau.

grandma's pile of sparkly jewelrymy grandmas cameo earringspurple-liqueur-set

Madame Rochas Perfume

Birthday Party at the Glamper

Yesterday my darling daughter threw me a birthday party at her home. She lives in a glamper.

glamp·er  noun ˈglam-pər

definition: a glamorous camping vehicle.

It was so, so pretty. She made it magical with vintage table linens, colorful streamers, flowers, hand-lettered place cards, delicious food and plenty of sunshine. colorful streamersbeautiful birthday table

outside the glamper

setting the table

It was a lovely celebration and it almost made me forget how old I am. chocolate birthday cakethe glamper

May flower: lily of the valley

my mom brought some lily of the valley/my birthday flower

place cards and silver

hand-lettered place card

flowers for the birthday tablebirthday cake timethe table-scape after

Silhouette Pillow DIY

This idea arrived in my brain when I was trying to think of a way to introduce a graphic element into my mother’s livingroom.  Who doesn’t love a silhouette? I will say that this is my first attempt at writing a DIY so if you make this and get frustrated with my instructions please let me know! It can be a DIY that turns into a DIT (do it together).

Step one: purchase fabric. Ha. You will need two contrasting fabrics and interfacing. Oh, and thread and piping.

how to make a profile picture into a silhouetteTo create the silhouette begin by photographing your subject in profile. It will help if you can place them against a contrasting background to their skin tone. White works great.

In a photo editing program you will want to tweak the picture:

high contrast

delete the background

darken the subject

to save ink in your printer erase the interior of the silhouette

resize for your purpose


I purchased an interfacing fabric that irons onto one surface (the silhouette fabric). You may choose one that irons onto both surfaces (the silhouette fabric and the pillowcase fabric) or (if you’re crazy) you can choose one that doesn’t attach to the fabric but is simply sandwiched between.

step two in silhouette pillow diyAttach the interfacing (or not) to your fabric and then, using your silhouette pattern, cut it out. My fabric is a cream cotton corduroy.

Using your pillow measurements, cut out the fabric to be used for the pillow. Mine is a black cotton velveteen.

I am making a pillowcase to cover existing pillows but you may choose to make something more permanent with some sort of closure.

Next comes practice, practice, practice. Take a chunk of the silhouette fabric with interfacing and cut some face shaped curves into it then sew it onto a chunk of your pillow fabric using a zig zag stitch. Use a pressure foot that allows you to see the edge of the silhouette where the needle hits the fabric. I used a zipper foot. Play around until you achieve the width of stitch and space between stitches you desire. Practice making those tight curves. Have everyone in your house send good thoughts to you as you maneuver around eyelashes and noses and lips. If those get messed up everyone will think you just sewed a bunch of strangers onto your pillow.

pinning-on-silhouetteDecide where you would like your silhouette to be on your pillow and pin it on using plenty of pins. Take a deep breath and slowly, prayerfully, sew.using zipper foot to sew on the silhouette

a completed silhouette pillow

a pile of completed pillowcases

To make this into a pillow I hemmed the ends that would create the pillowcase, added piping in my side seams and Viola! a beautiful silhouette pillow!

a great Mother's Day diy

pretty sweet!

Guess who knows how to spell “silhouette” now.

Play Ball!

colorful baseball bats

can you tell it is a girl’s team?

It’s Little League Season. Our family loves meeting up at the park to watch a game and talk, talk, talk. I loved going to my brother’s baseball games when we were young. I am not an athlete and it always amazed me to see the kids be so able to do all that great stuff while making it look easy and fun. My grandniece is most definitely an athlete and she certainly makes it all look easy and fun.

My brother captured the action shots & the fans.

girls baseball helmetsrunning homealmost catch the ballcheer motivationfans

Love and Joy and Role Models

best friends, 1962,

this photo was taken the year I was born

I have three women on which I try to model everything I do in life. Mary Marjerrison was my grandmother’s best friend and was a saint. When I remember to act in life the way that she did I sleep very peacefully at night. My grandmother, Jean Allison Bullock was no saint but she had great style and I loved her a lot. Her home was beautiful while being very comfortable and her wardrobe was always stylish but nothing she couldn’t wear while washing the dishes. My mother, Gloria Bullock, has true peace in her soul. I have rarely felt judged by her and always feel her acceptance and love. My mom in her youth

I feel fortunate to have such examples of grace, style and love to draw from and gain guidance by to maneuver through my day. I think the key to successfully emulating these women is to find the confidence and joy in acting so selflessly.

To be able to spread love and joy throughout our kitchens, drive-times (ha!), jobs and grocery lines there must be love and joy inside of us. I believe that when we begin to trust ourselves and discover our confidence we find all the love and joy we need to share. We can be generous rather than miserable.

All the time and energy we use to worry about not being good enough or too fat or talentless is time away from being productive, loving, gorgeous people. Plus none of those things are true. We are good. We have strong, capable bodies. We are talented. We are gorgeous & cute. We have enough to do in those kitchens and jobs and highways and grocery stores. We certainly don’t need to spend a minute doubting ourselves.

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