Ombre Eterges

I love the word and the look of ombre. It rhythms with hombre. So cool. hahahahaha

I have a metal eterges that is so ugly but very useful in my kitchen. On a whim the other day I spray painted it pink. Big improvement but about 5 minutes after I was finished I realized it was a perfect candidate for an ombre finish.

pink emerges

the before shot

On the first day it wasn’t pouring rain I hauled it outside and went to town getting my ombre on. It was fun though I always feel sorry for all the bugs that get stuck in the paint.

5 shades of pink

5 shades of pink


pink ombre on an emerges

painting the dandelions

painting the dandelions


As I was finishing I began having second thoughts. It was looking a little darling and nursery appropriate. I think that once all the booze got involved it grew right up, though…..right?

5 shades of pink ombre eterges

all ready to fill up

pink ombre metal shelving unitombre-eterge-close-up

a cat and some ombre paint

the wild cat likes the ombre

Maybe she will mix you a drink.

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