a tour outside

the garden titlewindow box and helleboretulips along the walklilac budschloe-amongst-the-violapink bleeding heartbird bath among the gardenforget me nots in planter

stone planter

ombre geraniums….just imagine what this will look like in a couple of months!

I hope you are enjoying your garden as much as I am mine. Cross your fingers that I get out and water enough. Why oh why is it so challenging for me sometimes? I have lived in this garden for 10 springtimes. I am always so tickled when the bleeding hearts come back. Look! The lilacs are blooming again. There used to be daffodils among the tulips but the squirrels snacked on the bulbs. Thankfully they didn’t like the tulips. Those forget-me-nots remind me of a dear friend every year! The backyard project is almost complete.  It gets rearrange almost every year. Maybe this year will be my favorite.  I’ll show you when it is finished.sneak-peak

5 or more ways to style a coffee table

coffee table vignettes

I am always struggling with what to put on my coffee table. It is an old, wooden door from a lumber mill in Eastern Oregon. I love it. I would prefer to have a fabulous carpet underneath to really allow the beauty of the wood to shine but, alas, it sits on a hardwood floor next to a dog that thinks all carpet is lawn.

The table often has coffee on it. The struggle is with what to have with the coffee. Feet. There are feet upon it, too. I decided to grab a bunch of things from around my house and play with different vignettes. Which is your favorite?

my husband's mess on the coffee table

Here is where I started.
This is my husband’s idea of how a coffee table should look.

coffee table styled with a linen cloth

A linen cloth.

my coffee table styled with stacks of books

Piles of books, plants and old, glass frogs.

Jonathan Adler inspired styled coffee table

My Jonathan Adler inspired table.
I found the cat at Homegoods.
The cloth is actually from JA! It’s a napkin.

my coffee table styled with a scrabble game board and a casserole my father made

Using a Scrabble game board and a casserole my father made.

my coffee table styled with flowers

I was so happy to be able to finally walk out into my garden and find flowers.
Springtime IS almost here.

my coffee table styled with a cement bulldog and a real chihuahua

Herman the Chihuahua

coffee table styled with a labrador retriever

Chloe wanted in on the fun, too.

cloth box from bookhou

Cute comes with very little pressure

paint chip wall, pinwheel,

My paint chip wall


I have entitled this blog “Cute is Important”. Cute, for our purposes, is the idea of something being the way we like. It puts us at ease. A cute outfit, haircut, living room, boy, girl, car, city, smile, is nice. It feels good. I always wanted to be pretty or even beautiful. I am cute. It is enough. I think cute comes with very little pressure.

When we are at ease with ourselves it is reflected all around us. Our face, our clothes, our rooms, our friends, our loved ones. It turns out you can judge a book by its cover.

The great thing about this is that even if everything is a mess around us all is not lost. Cleaning up the mess helps us to feel better inside and out. We don’t have to wait to figure out that we are alright before we clean our bathroom. It doesn’t matter which comes first: a cute bathroom or a cute soul. They both lead to the other.
When did you figure out how cute you are?

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