May Day Dinner Party with Friends

setting the table for a dinner party

the dogs crack me up & I can’t believe how many times I bumped my tripod!

I have a fan club. It consists of four beautiful women who are crazy….about me and each other. We are all fans of one another. One of our husbands bought us all personal fans once and so that is how we came to be “The Fan Club”. We use the fans whenever we have a hot flash. Or to throw at our husbands when we are grumpy. Shut up. I am not old. Yes I am.table full of friends

They all came over last night and we ate meatloaf.  Yum! More importantly we had chocolate cake! With freshly picked pansies decorating it so sweetly. I had some for breakfast this morning which always sounds like a good idea and almost never is. But I always forget.

birthday cakeFan Club night is great. Friendship is one of the best things about life. Even more than chocolate.

friendship is certainly the finest balm

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