I just had one of those weeks that is both lousy and great. I have been reflecting on how to respond to the lousy part. It is easy to make assumptions. I think when my feelings are hurt that 90% of the time it is due to an erroneous assumption. Assumptions are relationship killers. (almost) Every single time I have decided that my husband is an ass I have been wrong.

you know what happens when you assume something

Once we had just gotten two kittens. As he reached down to pet one she hissed at him and tried to scratch him. “I am not going to live with a cat like that” he bellowed. “Oh great”, I thought, “now he wants to get rid of the cats”. What a jerk. Meanwhile he had gone and changed into a long-sleeved shirt and put on some gloves. He came back and picked up the kitten and began stroking her and cooing to her. “I am going to desensitize her to me,” he said. with a cat in his coat



Designing my next tattoo (!)

When I was in my early 30’s my best friend moved away. We decided that we would make a plan to ease our sorrow by doing something a little naughty. A little shocking. We were moms and moms in the 90’s were not getting tattoos. Each of us picked a small design and we went in search of a tattoo artist in my friend’s new town (Eugene, OR). There were not very many tattoo shops from which to choose. We finally found one that didn’t frighten us and an old hippie named Doug tattooed a shooting star on my wrist and a treble clef onto my friend’s neck. Thus began a small, very slow-growing, addiction. Thank goodness tattoos have gotten so popular.

My latest idea is to put my cat, Angel, on my arm. You can see her above on the blog header and here:my cat, Angel

She is a difficult girl to photograph as she is very dark. I played around on Photoshop and came up with this:cat-tattoo-step-one

Then last week I was in a shop and found this great idea. Look!

A cat portrait by Ryan Berkley

A cat portrait by Ryan Berkley


My mother made me many, many cute dresses when I was a little girl. Thankfully school photographers captured many of them. Angel is about to get to wear one. But which one??

my school pictures

Back onto Photoshop for some very rough drafts…

Now it is a matter of choosing which angle most captures my little kitty and which dress would have her looking her best. Please cross your fingers that my tattoo artist is willing! I have been told “no” plenty of times.


cat tattoo with collar

Here I am getting my last tattoo.  It hurt!

Here I am getting my last tattoo. It hurt!

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