Bedroom Fantasy

I am still coming up with plans for my latest bedroom design. Spending some time on Pinterest helped with inspiration. There is one room I have loved  f o r e v e r. I sent the image of it to my niece years and years ago and I have seen it a number of times on different websites. Now that I finally need it I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Until last night. Ha!!! Success! I was afraid that once found it would not live up to my memory. It did! Yea! It was designed by Anne Coyle.Anne Coyle designHere is the other side of the room. I like how the television blends in with the art, etc.Anne Coyle design

My bed is going to be sitting in front of a window and so I have gathered some photos of rooms done well in that configuration. The first is a room designed by a fabulous Canadian named Tommy Smythe.bedroom designed by Tommy SmytheNext are three photos of the same room done three different ways. Styled by AB Chao. Fun!room styled by AB Chao

AB Chao designone-bedroom-3-ways-2I wish I had that many windows. Now comes a few photos for your enjoyment:MMR Interiors

MMR Interiors


BHGBHG from Little Green Notebook Those curtains are made from paint drop cloths. I will not be doing that. They look great, though.

Last one is just so much fun. Not a window in sight though there is a suggestion of one.from House and Home Magazine

House and Home

I lied. This is the last one. Pure fantasy! I can’t find the original link. I tried very hard.


Did you notice a theme besides beds in front of windows?





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