Alphabet Project on Instagram T-Z

Holy Cow! I forgot to finish up reporting on my Instagram alphabet project. I was sad when it was over. My husband came home with a pocket full of horse chestnuts for our letter T. The wooden thread spools are from my grandma’s sewing box. Instagram alphabet project TInstagram alphabet project UInstagram alphabet project VInstagram alphabet project WInstagram alphabet project XInstagram alphabet project YInstagram alphabet project Z

I’ve collected them for you to see in all their glory. My favorites are the letters B, E, G, and X. I love them all, really. Which are your favorites?Instagram alphabet project poster

Alphabet Project K-O

More letters coming your way straight from my instagram feed! Catch the beginning of the alphabet here and here. This week featured a K made from old Singer sewing machine parts. L was a collection of little figurines made of wood or china. Hazelnuts made my M. N was office supplies. I actually said this to my husband, “I’d give my firstborn for some paper clips”. He found me 3! Sorry, Allison. I wouldn’t really trade you for paperclips.  Great Grandma’s buttons became an O.instagram alphabet project Kinstagram alphabet project L

instagram alphabet project Minstagram alphabet project Ninstagram alphabet project OMy friend, Janet, joined in again! I love her letters. My favorite was L!instagram alphabet project friendsGuess which letters will be here next week!



Alphabet Project F-J

Time for another installation of the alphabet via instagram. If you need to catch up here is A-E. This week we have some friends joining in! One friend, anyway. And a fan!instagram alphabet project Finstagram alphabet project Ginstagram alphabet project Hinstagram alphabet project Iinstagram alphabet project J

alphabet project on instagraminstagram alphabet project

My friend, Janet, joined in to say “hi”!instagram-friends

It was fun opening my instagram feed to find all the little letters lined up by a follower.instagram-likes

Post your alphabet letters along with me on instagram and tag me so I can see!!




Alphabet Project

Each morning I wake up excited to begin the day. I leap out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, get my camera and capture a piece of the alphabet for my Instagram feed. Ha! Honestly it has been fun hunting down alphabetical images. See what you think. I’ll be posting a week’s worth every Friday until we reach Z.instagram alphabet project Ainstagram alphabet project Binstagram alphabet project Cinstagram alphabet project Dinstagram alphabet project EHere are a few images from each day’s letter images. My grandniece helped my hunt down some of them. instagram alphabet project Binstagram alphabet project Cinstagram alphabet project DMy kitty is innocent. The tree trunk in the garden is not. It also ripped my dress!


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