Social Media is Fun

I love social media sites. They are filled with sweetness and humor and fun. I know there is also lots of junk but I find it very easy to avoid all that. Clever, creative people are everywhere and it seems amazing and miraculous to me that we all have daily access to see their work and contribute to all that creativity, too. Instagram is my favorite (my daughter just rolled her eyes – she says I’m obsessed). I love when the accounts I follow on Instagram are traveling and posting photos along the way. All the pets and babies and gardens and….oh the food! Here are some of my favorites:

Just look at that sweet little hedgehog!!!
instagram images

Really pretty pictures.thisisglamorous instagram image

A really talented photographer named Lisa Warninger who lives in Portland, OR posts great photos.
instagram image from urban weeds blog

Lisa Congdon is an artist living in San Fransisco who travels a lot and posts generously. Currently she is in Paris on her honeymoon.Lisa Congdon instagram image

Bri Emery has a lot of fun on her Instagram account. Bri Emory instagram image

I love Julie Andrews and someone has very kindly opened an account that posts photos of her. It’s so nice having a cheerful photo of dear Mary Poppins or Maria pop up now and then.julie andrews photos on instagram

Oh my word. Talk about clever. This guy has all kinds of series that he does all while walking his dogs in his neighborhood. Every Friday is #frightfulfrontporchfriday. Then there is #pdxportals and #pdxchairs plus a million more. nopobutch

I never thought of farmers as being tattooed young women. Lots of great photos of pigs, goats and lambs. Oh, and this weekend she got her bottom tattooed.tattooed farm girl Twwly on instagram

Just look at that kitty!cindyloughridge

I am not entirely sure about how all this started but I think this guy spent a year traveling around with his dog and used Instagram as a diary. The photos of the dog are priceless. I saw his book from it all at Powell’s. Maddie on instagram thiswildidea

Really great design in every picture. I mean this is just a rumbled bed but she really has a great eye and it is almost entirely black and white. Not black and white film but black and white decor. Plus, don’t you just want to take a nap in that bed?amerrymishapAnd then there is my account, of course.cute is important on instagram



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