Pretty vs Practical

As you know I think cute is important. I really, really do. All the time. I think I am also a very practical person. I like things to be useful. I don’t see why those two things can’t be easily combined.

I was over at my mom’s this weekend helping her re-pot some plants on her deck. By the end of the afternoon she had laughed at me more than once watching as I would tisk tisk over finding the plant description labels still stuck in the potted plants.She has watched me tisk tisk over finding labels still stuck to storage containers, price stickers stuck to decorative items, tags left on pillows, anything that could be pretty-in-a-minute that isn’t. How hard is it to spend a second to transform the ordinary into the cute? Take those ugly stickers off! plant pot with label still stuck in it

My mother insisted I leave the label in the plant. “It’s handy to be able to tell what kind of plant it is.”  My response wasn’t very nice. “It’s a perennial, Mom, it will just do what it’s gonna do.” I went home and realized I was no better. Look:plant pot with ugly sticker

I promise to work on that sticker. I also promise to lighten up. Maybe.



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7 thoughts on “Pretty vs Practical

  1. Just yesterday I was walking by a recently planted garden bed and they left the labels next to the plants. I thought the same thing, the garden would look so much prettier without the silly plastic label. It’s a good opportunity to learn what plants are named and then remember without the tag!

  2. LMAO I have seen you peeling stickers off my things before. In fact I have a large pot I had to turn around before you came over last week so you wouldn’t see the sticker!

  3. That’s hilarious! Did you tell your mom? I save all my plant labels but stash them in a box, that way if I need to identify it later, I can.

    • Mom is a faithful reader & I called her this morning first thing. She thought it was funny. The box idea is great!

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