Paint Chip Pinwheels on My Wall

I can’t commit. I repaint my rooms continually. I rearrange furniture frequently. I bought the large size of spackle to fill all the nail holes from moving art. Several months ago I came up with a great, temporary solution for my unwillingness to live with a look for longer than a year or so: Paint chips!

paint chip wallIt was easy to do. I picked up a few chips in about 7 or 8 colors from my local hardware store. After playing around with the color combinations I cut them into squares and then triangles and stuck them to the wall. I used glue dots which were fun but not a perfect solution. It took a few weeks to get them all to stick. Every morning I would get up and restick the ones that had fallen down in the night. I have them all sticking now. paint chip wall decorationPaint Chip wall my wedding chinaThis is my wedding china.  It isn’t china and I did not get it when I got married. My husband and I saw it in a gallery called Fumiki in San Francisco when we were talking about our wedding. On our first Christmas together he surprised me with a teacup and saucer. Then on my birthday he did it again. Eventually the gallery closed and we could not find the artist anywhere. Her name is Kumiko Hayashi. my bird and a nest



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10 thoughts on “Paint Chip Pinwheels on My Wall

  1. Every time I see that paint chip wall, I am impressed once again with your ingenuity!! SUCH AN AMAZING IDEA! It looks so cooooool!! Smarty pants.

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