One Dozen Plates of Bacon and Eggs

My husband and I used to go out for breakfast a lot. I called the cafe our breakfast nook. My husband likes his bacon cooked. Not undercooked or deep-fried. Just cooked. Nice and crispy. He would try to order it so that the cook would understand how he liked it prepared. He tried asking for cooked bacon, crispy bacon, pretty bacon, perfect bacon, bacon with love. The restaurant finally got a cook who could make great bacon.  She was so good that he began to just order any old bacon and it always came out with lots of love. I took a few pictures with my old cell phone.

one dozen eggs

Doesn’t all that bacon look yummy? Can you tell which plate came out on someone’s birthday?

About a year ago someone got mad when they were sorting through the tickets and saw this one:

bacon and eggs order

Everyone got in trouble and the cook quit and things were never the same again. Now I make the bacon at home every morning.

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