My Retreat

I love my bedroom. When I open my eyes in the morning (and put on my glasses for I am as blind as can be for someone with sight) I see my favorite books on the shelf at the end of my bed. A little statue that my grandmother loved stands in front of the books. There are candles that were a gift from my husband. Hanging on the wall next to me is a photo or two of us kissing. A comfortable chair with a bit of lamb’s wool and a warm throw and soft pillow holds my little dog snoring away. Above the chair hangs a heart-shaped collage.

a heart collage of photos

a collection of my loves

The light from my windows change with the season but the curtains are always soft and pretty regardless of the weather. Waking up in this retreat is gentle and lovely. I like it. I feel at peace.

my bedroom retreat

my bedroom

The kitties love my bedroom, too.

The kitties love my bedroom, too.

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