My Kitchen Project

My husband is going to be gone today and so I am going to paint my kitchen (he hates the smell of paint).  I love the color that is there now but I recently painted my livingroom and the colors kind of clash.

I have a confession. I paint my walls  A LOT.  Which is funny because I hate painting. Someday I think it would be fun to do a slide show of all the colors my house has worn.

Here is my “before” shot:

project in my kitchen: the before shot

Try to guess the new color!

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9 thoughts on “My Kitchen Project

  1. hmmm…… something yellowy? I can’t wait to see! You DO paint a lot – I think you must secretly enjoy it. You paint more than I do, and I am a painter!!!!

    • I really do hate the process of painting. Love the result, though. And I am a fast painter.
      It was already yellow once before….so, no.

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