Love and Joy and Role Models

best friends, 1962,

this photo was taken the year I was born

I have three women on which I try to model everything I do in life. Mary Marjerrison was my grandmother’s best friend and was a saint. When I remember to act in life the way that she did I sleep very peacefully at night. My grandmother, Jean Allison Bullock was no saint but she had great style and I loved her a lot. Her home was beautiful while being very comfortable and her wardrobe was always stylish but nothing she couldn’t wear while washing the dishes. My mother, Gloria Bullock, has true peace in her soul. I have rarely felt judged by her and always feel her acceptance and love. My mom in her youth

I feel fortunate to have such examples of grace, style and love to draw from and gain guidance by to maneuver through my day. I think the key to successfully emulating these women is to find the confidence and joy in acting so selflessly.

To be able to spread love and joy throughout our kitchens, drive-times (ha!), jobs and grocery lines there must be love and joy inside of us. I believe that when we begin to trust ourselves and discover our confidence we find all the love and joy we need to share. We can be generous rather than miserable.

All the time and energy we use to worry about not being good enough or too fat or talentless is time away from being productive, loving, gorgeous people. Plus none of those things are true. We are good. We have strong, capable bodies. We are talented. We are gorgeous & cute. We have enough to do in those kitchens and jobs and highways and grocery stores. We certainly don’t need to spend a minute doubting ourselves.

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4 thoughts on “Love and Joy and Role Models

  1. laura, i’m so glad you have learned these amazing things and have chosen to incorporate them into your beautiful life, i love you daughter.


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  3. I love the both of you! You two have been constants in my life that have always brought me happiness and peace. So, thank you for that. I truly appreciate your presence on my life.

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