How to get people to use the vintage hand towels in the bathroom

One of the very first parties my husband and I threw when we were first married was for a bunch of his work buddies. Moments before people were due to arrive he walked out of the bathroom and asked me if we had any regular hand towels. I had just ironed and arranged some very pretty vintage linen towels and I told him we didn’t own regular ones. He shook his head and told me no one would use the pretty towels.

My mother always had “good” towels on display in the bathroom and then there was the cupboard full of towels we were supposed to actually use. I guess that was true all across the land and yet was an idea I had not adopted from my childhood. I want to use the pretty stuff. Plus I only paid about a buck for each one of those pretty embroidered linens at estates sales.

I assured my husband I would fix the problem. I went in and smushed up the towels so that they looked like someone might have already dried their hands on them giving the okay for the next person to use them as well. It worked! After the party was over I checked and those towels had all dried lots of hands. If you come to my house today and need to dry your hands you will find some smushed up linen hand towels on which to do sale linen towelsestate sale linen towels

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4 thoughts on “How to get people to use the vintage hand towels in the bathroom

  1. Oh how I know this! I have the sweetest old and new linen towels – not only on display but for actual USE.
    Thanks for the good idea of smushing them up, but I do have another challenge to face: here in Germany people are so used to terrycloth towels that they ask me why I put napkins and tablecloth in the bathroom.
    Got an idea for that, too? I don’t yet, actually.
    I like your blog!
    Greetings from Europe
    (we’re classmates, I guess you know, where)

    • My husband had the same problem! He only knew about terrycloth. I suppose you could make a cute sign that said “hand towels”!

  2. I <3 those glasses! (I must wander away before I am tagged Strange Stalker Who Comments On Everything…sigh!)

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