Halloween Pumpkin-Woman

I love making people. I only ended up with one kid so maybe I’m over-compensating? I’ve made scarecrows and globe people, tiny little doll people and I even made my daughter an anatomically correct boy baby. She thinks it was gross. I think he was cute. If you come and visit me you will meet my newest people. a pumpkin lady for Halloweena pumpkin ladydetail of pumpkin lady dressMs Pumpkin

Happy Halloween (a little early)!! Come & trick-or-treat at my house this year.



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4 thoughts on “Halloween Pumpkin-Woman

  1. That looks like the lady down the street that you dressed up as when you were young. Love it! The hat, the dress, the arms!

    • I dressed up as British Lady Mrs. Smith. I often had Avon products with hand drawn catalogs for sale.

    I may come trickotreatin a little early just to meet her……before her little leeky arms wilt in our beautiful sunshine.

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