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We all know people who we think are beautiful. Sometimes genes play a large role but most often it is the quality of life a person leads reflected on their face that looks beautiful to us. I have struggled with not feeling beautiful most of my life. Thankfully both my parents are pretty cute and so I had a nice starting point. I am friendly and I think that goes a long way towards getting a positive reaction from people I meet. I have big boobs and so didn’t have too much trouble getting attention from men when I was single.

When I married my husband I felt he loved me because of my charming personality and winning ways. Being married to him has been an interesting experience because my husband is attracted to real beauty; the beauty that comes from inside. He doesn’t much notice the other kind. It took me a while to learn this. Meanwhile I thought he just didn’t find me that attractive. When I asked him what was most appealing to him about women he said it was grace. Grace. I cannot believe how difficult it has been for me to get this idea through my thick skull. It is hard in a relationship when one of the people in it thinks that the other person doesn’t find them attractive. If you had told me I would be with a man who based his attraction to a person on their grace I would have loved that idea. It sounds so great. We all get a little dilapidated looking as we age and how nice to think of one’s husband realizing how much more beautiful they are as they grow wiser and more graceful. But in reality it took me a long time to appreciate how great this actually is. My husband does think I am beautiful. He thinks I am wonderful. He tells me every single day how much he loves me. I have had to learn to believe him in spite of him admiring me in ways with which I was unfamiliar. He simply does not ever objectify women. Don’t get me wrong – he does thoroughly enjoy all of me; not only my grace. The big boobs are just the cherry on top.


Elegance, grace, and beauty are concepts I think reflect that thing my mother has: peace. I strive to achieve that in myself but also for my home, too. We all can appreciate a room that looks well lived in and contains things that have been collected and loved over time rather than picked out over a weekend from the local fancy furniture store. My environment is very important to me and to my being able to feel energized for life. Plus, why live in boring slobdom when you can live in beauty? I like having things around me that mean something to me and that inspire me and remind me of something beyond myself.

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5 thoughts on “Grace

  1. i remember meeting a lady at work for the first time and thought she was beautiful until she opened her mouth. i once had a physical therapist who was so homely the first time i saw her, but as i got to know her i only saw her beauty that reflected from within. i’m so glad you have both laura. oxoxo

  2. I am glad you found your inner grace. You are a pretty woman inside and out.

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