Coming home to a sense of calm

When I come home I enjoy walking into a bit of prettiness. The colors are calm and soothing.  The air itself is welcoming.  There is a couch that looks ready to be fallen in to.  A table in front of the couch that has a good spot for my feet and a cup of coffee.  The lamp is perfectly placed to shed a warm glow and good light for a book.  There is comfortable seating for several friends or cats and a table at which have been many a good meal and better company.


My animals also greet me at the door. They dance and jump, behaving as if I were a long-lost hero. My lab, Chloe, always brings me a gift – her red rubber toy. If my husband is home I get a kiss, too.

What greets you when you come home?

my comfortable couch, pretty living room

a soft spot to land

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