Crafty Wonderland

Way back in 2006 I attended a monthly craft show in a bar. On a Sunday afternoon. It was great. Now the same show, Crafty Wonderland, happens twice a year at the convention center. It seems we love our crafts in Portland. The Super Colossal Spring Show was last weekend and I found some yummy stuff! Here are a few of my favorites:

Jen Kirk‘s partner challenged her to recreate the area’s bridges through crochet.  She did a good job! And she sells the patterns, too.

idyll enterprise by jen kirk

this chick crochets bridges

Green Grin had a lot of fun mittens and some amazing animals.

green grin

a cute display

green-grin-deerMy favorite booths at Crafty Wonderland are the kid crafters’ booths.

kid crafters at crafty wonderland

they are so cool

child crafter at Crafty Wonderland

In the very first minute I found and bought a great purse at Appetite.

image from their website

image from their website

And at every craft show I attend I find my favorite guy. Pepe Moscoso. He takes amazing photos of very dilapidated places, paints in sweet characters and then collage them onto old slabs of wood.pepe-moscosoPepe Moscoso

I love vintage stuff. This booth, called Mod Radio, was full of vintage radios rebuilt to use with today’s electronic devices.  So clever.mod-clockmod-radio-piece

Crafty Wonderland was fun.  I can’t wait for the Winter edition.

window shopping on etsy

my favorites on easy

My household decided to try a spending freeze for the first 21 days of March. They say one can break a habit in 3 weeks. It has been one day shy of 2 weeks and we are doing pretty well. I did cheat and go out to breakfast with my daughter once. oops.

Meanwhile, spending does not equal shopping if I don’t buy anything, right? I spent the evening on etsy! Above are my favorites. Which should I get on March 22?

1. Trio Atomic Necklace from iadornu.  I love the cinderblock bookshelf reference!

2. Washington State Tourist Print from dpsullivan.  He has so many great things on his site.

3. Sasquatch/Big Foot Pillow from pixalknit. Who doesn’t want Big Foot on their couch?

4. Lily of the Valley Woolen Bowl from chetanddot.  I love lily of the valley and I love wool!

5. The Green Beyond from kikiandpolly.  This is a print from one of my favorite artists, Lisa Golightly.

6. Retro Orange Felt Pillow from StudioTree. Some fun all wrapped up in a pillow.

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