5 Easy Steps to Cleaning Up Your Home

Is a clean house a moral issue? Is it wrong to live in a mess? Or is it simply a mess?

tiny dish drainer

a perfect dish drainer for two

I like to clean. Really. It is instantly gratifying. Picture a sink full of dinner dishes, crumpled napkins and crumbs and spills all over the table, food prep mess all over the stove, a little of all of it on the floor. In 20 minutes it can be washed away and sparkling again. If only all of life’s messes were so easy!

basic dish washing supplies

readily available dish washing tools

Last week I was having some friends over for dinner. I love the time before company arrives when I can clean and fuss and make everything pretty and inviting. While I was cleaning I kept thinking about this question of the nature of cleanliness.

Am I crazy? Is it a waste of time? Are there good people with messy houses?

wall hung toilet brush

a wall hung toilet brush

When I was a teenager the house at which everyone loved to hang out was a big mess. It wasn’t a creative mess or an interesting mess. It was just a mess but we always had a great time there.

I once spent a few weeks helping a young friend of mine get her apartment clean. I would send her a text message each day of a task to perform. Every evening she would send back a photo of the results. The before shots were full of piles of stuff. You could see that the piles were all nice things. The bed wasn’t made but the coverlet, blankets and sheets were lovely. The floor was covered with clothing – all of which were the ingredients to cute outfits. The kitchen counters filled with nice but dirty dishes and groceries. The living room floor had no less than five pairs of cute shoes among the debris. The bookshelves were filled with pretty teacups, books, and other keepsakes along with lots of dust. She worked really hard and got it all cleaned up.

It didn’t work, though. She still lives in messy rooms. It must not give her the same thrill it does me. I know she is a lovely person. A good person. A messy person.

Is there an answer? Is there balance? When should one begin to worry? It drives me a little nuts. I want to say very loudly, “Just clean up, people!”. But I won’t because they won’t. As long as it isn’t a health issue I guess it is just a matter of taste and style.  I do believe that the condition of one’s soul is reflected all around and can’t help but think a really messy home means more than a different style.

wood stove clean up

great tools for cleaning up ash and wood chips

Cleaning tips (in case you were wondering):

1. Maintenance is easier than playing catch-up.  Cleaning a little bit of dirt everyday is easier than the long, tiresome deep clean once a month.

2. Don’t let your clothes touch the ground because they are sticky.  It seems where ever one’s clothes end up they seem to be stuck there with glue.  Put them on your body, in the hamper, back on the hanger, back in the drawer, not on the floor.

3. Wash your dishes now rather than later.  Come on, how hard is it to wash a plate, fork, knife and cup?

4. Have your cleaning supplies easily accessible and cute.

5. Take time to admire how pretty your home feels around you.

2 Good Jewelry Organizing Methods & How to have a Good Day

Don’t you love it when you have just the right outfit on so that you feel great?! The wrong item of clothing can really ruin a day. I don’t want to think twice about my appearance. The most successful way I find to do that is to wear something that fits comfortably and suits my coloring and shape. I am not a fusser. My hair takes exactly 20 seconds and my make-up 30. My teeth take the longest time. Floss regularly!!! My glasses cost a small fortune but I wear them every minute that I am awake and, my goodness, they are cute. Ask anyone. My goal is to always have comfortable, attractively shod feet. I confess that I sleep in my jewelry. I hardly ever change it. My husband has great taste and that is usually what inspires the change: a gift. But it is beautifully and locally crafted jewelry. Plus I love having it all organized and out on display.organizing my jewelry

my jewelry organized in old dishes

bracelets and pins organized in old dishes atop my bureau

jewelry cork board

jewelry cork board

necklaces and silk flowers hung on a diy cork board outside my bedroom

Pretty Closets

I live in a tiny house. One of my favorite activities is cleaning out closets and organizing drawers. Thankfully this makes living in a small house a good match. Let me show you my hacked Billy bookcase and my closet that took 10 years and 45 minute. 10 years to get around to building it to be a workhorse and the 45 minutes it took to actually do it. You may wonder why, in such a small house, I need a whole cabinet for shoes. Go ahead and wonder all you want.


closet organization, baskets, shelves, artTo build out the closet I removed the hanging rod and put in shelves and baskets. It works so much better for me. The prints are from a talented artist: Lisa Golightly. They came in a goodie bag for a wonderful event called Girl Crush thrown by The Jealous Curator.

hacked Billy bookcase, pretty shoe storage, closet

For my shoe storage I sprayed the Billy doors pink, lined the back with fabric and the doors with wonderful paper from Flutter. The pulls are from Anthropologie.

I love choosing my shoes each morning from this cupboard. Finding what I need in my closet is easy and a little bit delightful!

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