Progress on my bedroom redesign

the water leak16. Number of wooden panels it takes to cover my ceiling.

4. Coats of stain used on wooden panels.

2. Clear coats to top off the finish on the panels.

5. Days to complete all the steps to make the panels glow.

2. Weeks my living room has looked like a wood shop.

3. Days the entire contents of my bedroom has been tucked into the corners of my living room.

0. Times I fell off the ladder installing the panels….so far.

7. Screws I dropped and had to climb down the ladder to



Rearranging my bedroom – an Adventure

I love my bedroom. It didn’t do very well in a contest I entered it in on the Apartment Therapy website but I don’t care. It is my haven. I love being in bed cuddling with my two cats and the little dog. Lately I have even let the big dog up for some cuddle time but only on the day the sheets are getting changed. I had fun making the huge headboard. So much fun I have decided to toss it. old-headboardI got a notion to move things around and the new spot for my bed is in front of a window so this headboard won’t work. It will need to be something open and low. I love an excuse to go shopping in vintage/antiques stores. I went to lots and lots. I found nothing. Did you know there are almost no headboards in vintage stores? I don’t know why I didn’t check craigslist to begin with but boy, there are a ton of headboards on there. Just look!craigslist headboardcraigslist headboarda craigslistheadboard

The black one didn’t really do it for me. The other two were fabulous but came with large sets of bedroom furniture and no one would part with just one piece. Then I found this one:my-headboard

My bed is a queen but I don’t mind a little overhang….I hope. The woman I bought it from was so sweet. One never knows who is going to answer the door when on a craigslist adventure. My husband always worries about me and I have to leave him the address and phone number of the places I go.

The headboard has been on my dining room table getting a little make over. I haven’t decided how far I’ll take it but here is a little peek of some gold leaf craziness…gold leaf on a headboardgold leafing

Stay tuned for more makeover magic. I still have to pick new window treatments, curtain rods and bedskirt. Please try to talk me out of painting the room if that comes up…. it probably will. I hate painting. I think I am going to repaint. ahhhh


6 Ways to Style a Mantel

I have a mantel in my house that is not a part of the fireplace. It was a part of my mother’s fireplace years ago. Then it sat in her basement until I swiped it and installed it in my livingroom. I felt stuck in a rut with what was piled on it and so I decided to change it up 20 times in one day! I am now unstuck and undecided. Here are the top 6. See if you can guess my favorite and my least favorite – and tell me yours!

mantel styled with handmade boxes and old silver traysdetailsMy dad and his dad made all these boxes. That one on the bottom of the pile is full of amazing gloves….it’s a real glove box.detail of wooden homemade boxes

mantel styled with an eclectic collectiondetailsclose up of eclecticly styled mantelThat chair was a rescue from the great basement clean out. more-detail-eclectic-mantel


mantel styled with glass collectiondetailsDon’t you just love those little salt and pepper shakers?detail of white glass styled mantel


mantel styled with stacks of color coded booksAl the cat liked the books.
color coded books with kitty


mantel with a collection of paintings and sculpturedetailsdetail-of-sculpture-mantel





Don’t forget to pick your favorite…..

1- wooden boxes and vintage silver trays

2- eclectic mix

3- white glass collection

4- color coded library

5- collection of paintings and sculpture

6- simple symmetry

Ombre Eterges

I love the word and the look of ombre. It rhythms with hombre. So cool. hahahahaha

I have a metal eterges that is so ugly but very useful in my kitchen. On a whim the other day I spray painted it pink. Big improvement but about 5 minutes after I was finished I realized it was a perfect candidate for an ombre finish.

pink emerges

the before shot

On the first day it wasn’t pouring rain I hauled it outside and went to town getting my ombre on. It was fun though I always feel sorry for all the bugs that get stuck in the paint.

5 shades of pink

5 shades of pink


pink ombre on an emerges

painting the dandelions

painting the dandelions


As I was finishing I began having second thoughts. It was looking a little darling and nursery appropriate. I think that once all the booze got involved it grew right up, though…..right?

5 shades of pink ombre eterges

all ready to fill up

pink ombre metal shelving unitombre-eterge-close-up

a cat and some ombre paint

the wild cat likes the ombre

Maybe she will mix you a drink.

Paint Chip Pinwheels on My Wall

I can’t commit. I repaint my rooms continually. I rearrange furniture frequently. I bought the large size of spackle to fill all the nail holes from moving art. Several months ago I came up with a great, temporary solution for my unwillingness to live with a look for longer than a year or so: Paint chips!

paint chip wallIt was easy to do. I picked up a few chips in about 7 or 8 colors from my local hardware store. After playing around with the color combinations I cut them into squares and then triangles and stuck them to the wall. I used glue dots which were fun but not a perfect solution. It took a few weeks to get them all to stick. Every morning I would get up and restick the ones that had fallen down in the night. I have them all sticking now. paint chip wall decorationPaint Chip wall my wedding chinaThis is my wedding china.  It isn’t china and I did not get it when I got married. My husband and I saw it in a gallery called Fumiki in San Francisco when we were talking about our wedding. On our first Christmas together he surprised me with a teacup and saucer. Then on my birthday he did it again. Eventually the gallery closed and we could not find the artist anywhere. Her name is Kumiko Hayashi. my bird and a nest



Man Cave

Do you have a man cave in your home? Years ago I did not. My man had his headquarters in the living room. One day I handed him a great article on man caves to read in an interior design magazine. They were full of old books and antique furniture rather than beer taps and sports posters.

“I have a great idea, dear!” he says to me.

“What is that, honey bunch?”

“Let’s turn the back room into my den!” As though it was his very own idea. Success!


Recently we moved things around in there and he requested dark curtains. Black curtains. Funny guy. Yesterday I sewed and hung them. Not a large impact but really effective for blocking all that sunlight while watching movies.

man cave before adding curtain

cute model!

man cave with dark grey curtain
two additions: curtain and cat


My Kitchen: After!

White!  My kitchen is now white. I have never painted a room white until now. One can hardly tell a difference from the before and after. But, I promise, there is. I’ll give you a little tour.

The view from the living room into the kitchen. I took that wall down the first time my husband left me home alone.

The view from the living room into the kitchen.
I took that wall down the first time my husband left me home alone.

a view of the complimentary color combination

best kitchen tool ever

It cuts the cutest spiral vegetables and is easy to clean.

My kitchen is very small. I removed all the upper cabinets immediately and replaced them with open shelving. I have changed the style of shelving several times. I love this glass over the window so much. It lends itself to a feeling of spaciousness.

The view to my white kitchen

My first white room. It was easier than I thought….to go white. I still hate painting, though.

My Kitchen Project

My husband is going to be gone today and so I am going to paint my kitchen (he hates the smell of paint).  I love the color that is there now but I recently painted my livingroom and the colors kind of clash.

I have a confession. I paint my walls  A LOT.  Which is funny because I hate painting. Someday I think it would be fun to do a slide show of all the colors my house has worn.

Here is my “before” shot:

project in my kitchen: the before shot

Try to guess the new color!