The Edible Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Tradition says that Thanksgiving was inspired by a desire to stop and remember that life is hard and we feel thankful to have survived it for one more season. Plus the whole idea of making friends with your neighbors. Ha! Yesterday’s post featured a table all in white. This table embraces that tradition. And there is no better way to make a friend than to offer someone a slice of pie!edible landscape centerpiece


Tucked in next to the fire with a riot of fall leaves out the window and a centerpiece that is a celebration of food this Thanksgiving table is a landscape of gratitude. I piled on beautiful produce and greenery so that it would overflow the brass tray right onto the table. Grapes, persimmons, kale, cranberries: Yum! And after dinner one can add the centerpiece to the dinner leftovers!Thanksgiving table by the firecross stitched napkina slice of pumpkin pie


The pumpkin pie is a family favorite. Recipe coming up tomorrow.Thanksgiving pie

Thanksgiving Table

I love setting the table. There are so many good memories I have of great meals and conversations shared around the dinner table. Making it beautiful is part of the fun for me. There is a Barbra Streisand/Jeff Bridges movie in which she invites him to dinner and the table is very, very fancy. It looked ridiculous.fancy table in Barbra Streisand movie I realize that is Lauren Bacall in the photo but it was all I could find. For a while it made me rethink setting the table so formally. But that’s no fun!!! At least on Thanksgiving we can be a little fancy, right? A few images from past Thanksgivings will give you an idea of how fancy I like to be. Credit goes to my niece, Gaia, for the top right image. images from past Thanksgiving tables

This year I thought I would do a few test runs. My husband is enjoying it. The first is a blank canvas of sorts. Let’s call it a White Thanksgiving. Layering a vintage white cloth with a velvet faux bois table runner made a good base.  Several candles and a pretty white porcelain bowl with four sections filled with starburst mums complete the centerpiece. Mixing vintage dishes with new is a great way to keep things interesting and beautiful. Place cards are fashioned out of some homemade tiles I had on hand lettered in chalk.

Next I think I’ll do a more traditional color palette. And perhaps I’ll also trial run a pie or two. My family always makes the world’s best pumpkin pie recipe from my Swedish Great Grandmother. This year I’ll make a grain-free crust using almond flour. I’ll share it all!A White Thanksgiving Tableplacecards in chalk for ThanksgivingA White Thanksgiving tableThanksgiving in White

How to get people to use the vintage hand towels in the bathroom

One of the very first parties my husband and I threw when we were first married was for a bunch of his work buddies. Moments before people were due to arrive he walked out of the bathroom and asked me if we had any regular hand towels. I had just ironed and arranged some very pretty vintage linen towels and I told him we didn’t own regular ones. He shook his head and told me no one would use the pretty towels.

My mother always had “good” towels on display in the bathroom and then there was the cupboard full of towels we were supposed to actually use. I guess that was true all across the land and yet was an idea I had not adopted from my childhood. I want to use the pretty stuff. Plus I only paid about a buck for each one of those pretty embroidered linens at estates sales.

I assured my husband I would fix the problem. I went in and smushed up the towels so that they looked like someone might have already dried their hands on them giving the okay for the next person to use them as well. It worked! After the party was over I checked and those towels had all dried lots of hands. If you come to my house today and need to dry your hands you will find some smushed up linen hand towels on which to do sale linen towelsestate sale linen towels

Planning a Birthday Party

Last September I had a blast throwing a birthday party for a special 6 year old and four of her friends/cousin. We all had so much fun! cute girls at a 6 year old partytreasure hunt and campfire

September is almost here again and so it is time to plan another birthday! I got right on to Pinterest and began pinning ideas. The birthday girl and I discussed having a craft or art party so I have been on the look out for great ideas for talented 7 year olds. pinterest board for birthday party

She mentioned that she really liked the treasure hunt last year and that perhaps this time our treasure could be art supplies! What a great idea, huh?!

I also need to come up with food and treat ideas. I was watching Ina Garten the other day and she made a cake for some kids and then let them decorate it with candy. That’s a lot of sugar, though. Too much sugar and little girls usually end up in tears and get the grumps. Maybe a variety of fruit would work. Star fruit, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries. Yum! I can’t wait! Please share any ideas you might have for fun parties in the comments section.

Supper in the Garden

Sunshine is so great. The size of my living space doubles when the sun is out. I set up a big table in the backyard and we use it a lot. A couple of nights ago I had some friends over and experimented with some new recipes. I had fun making the table pretty just in case the recipes didn’t turn out because if the package is pretty who cares what’s inside, right? The blueberry chutney on crostini turned out great!dinner in the gardendinner al frescosupper in the gardendinner al frescodinner al fresco

Birthday Party at the Glamper

Yesterday my darling daughter threw me a birthday party at her home. She lives in a glamper.

glamp·er  noun ˈglam-pər

definition: a glamorous camping vehicle.

It was so, so pretty. She made it magical with vintage table linens, colorful streamers, flowers, hand-lettered place cards, delicious food and plenty of sunshine. colorful streamersbeautiful birthday table

outside the glamper

setting the table

It was a lovely celebration and it almost made me forget how old I am. chocolate birthday cakethe glamper

May flower: lily of the valley

my mom brought some lily of the valley/my birthday flower

place cards and silver

hand-lettered place card

flowers for the birthday tablebirthday cake timethe table-scape after

May Day Dinner Party with Friends

setting the table for a dinner party

the dogs crack me up & I can’t believe how many times I bumped my tripod!

I have a fan club. It consists of four beautiful women who are crazy….about me and each other. We are all fans of one another. One of our husbands bought us all personal fans once and so that is how we came to be “The Fan Club”. We use the fans whenever we have a hot flash. Or to throw at our husbands when we are grumpy. Shut up. I am not old. Yes I am.table full of friends

They all came over last night and we ate meatloaf.  Yum! More importantly we had chocolate cake! With freshly picked pansies decorating it so sweetly. I had some for breakfast this morning which always sounds like a good idea and almost never is. But I always forget.

birthday cakeFan Club night is great. Friendship is one of the best things about life. Even more than chocolate.

friendship is certainly the finest balm

A Bridal Shower

Some time ago an old friend of mine got engaged and that meant….I got to throw a party!!  One of my very favorite things to do.  I apologize for the lack of quality of the photos as it was long before I had a decent camera.

My party plan included a photo booth, a craft station, and a lot of good food.bridal shower treats

I collected a pile of bras for photo booth props. Everyone had fun posing in strips

The craft station had lots of little wooden people who were to be painted as the bride and groom. The bride was going to be wearing a beautiful teal blue dress which made the painting even more fun. She ended up decorating her wedding cake with all the mini brides and grooms.bridal shower craft table  crafting at the bridal shower

wedding cake decorated with mini brides and groomsMy favorite party decor was the clothesline in the garden where the party was held. I filled it with vintage lingerie and a crochet piece with the bride’s name on it that my mother had made years before.vintage lingerie on a clothesline

I think everyone had a good booth with bra props

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