a tour outside

the garden titlewindow box and helleboretulips along the walklilac budschloe-amongst-the-violapink bleeding heartbird bath among the gardenforget me nots in planter

stone planter

ombre geraniums….just imagine what this will look like in a couple of months!

I hope you are enjoying your garden as much as I am mine. Cross your fingers that I get out and water enough. Why oh why is it so challenging for me sometimes? I have lived in this garden for 10 springtimes. I am always so tickled when the bleeding hearts come back. Look! The lilacs are blooming again. There used to be daffodils among the tulips but the squirrels snacked on the bulbs. Thankfully they didn’t like the tulips. Those forget-me-nots remind me of a dear friend every year! The backyard project is almost complete.  It gets rearrange almost every year. Maybe this year will be my favorite.  I’ll show you when it is finished.sneak-peak

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6 thoughts on “a tour outside

  1. Nice photos! When I work in my garden it is hard to dwell on my worries. Spring is always a great reminder of the beauty all around me and how fortunate I am to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Thank you for sharing your lovely flowers and garden.

  2. Want to come help with our garden sometime? ;) The spiders terrify me!!!! But there’s a ton of possibility.

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