6 Ways to Style a Mantel

I have a mantel in my house that is not a part of the fireplace. It was a part of my mother’s fireplace years ago. Then it sat in her basement until I swiped it and installed it in my livingroom. I felt stuck in a rut with what was piled on it and so I decided to change it up 20 times in one day! I am now unstuck and undecided. Here are the top 6. See if you can guess my favorite and my least favorite – and tell me yours!

mantel styled with handmade boxes and old silver traysdetailsMy dad and his dad made all these boxes. That one on the bottom of the pile is full of amazing gloves….it’s a real glove box.detail of wooden homemade boxes

mantel styled with an eclectic collectiondetailsclose up of eclecticly styled mantelThat chair was a rescue from the great basement clean out. more-detail-eclectic-mantel


mantel styled with glass collectiondetailsDon’t you just love those little salt and pepper shakers?detail of white glass styled mantel


mantel styled with stacks of color coded booksAl the cat liked the books.
color coded books with kitty


mantel with a collection of paintings and sculpturedetailsdetail-of-sculpture-mantel





Don’t forget to pick your favorite…..

1- wooden boxes and vintage silver trays

2- eclectic mix

3- white glass collection

4- color coded library

5- collection of paintings and sculpture

6- simple symmetry

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8 thoughts on “6 Ways to Style a Mantel

  1. It’s so hard to choooose! My top three: 1, 2, and 5! I think maybe five is the prettiest, with two coming next because it’s just so fun and now maybe I’m re-thinking one…. I like it, but I like two and five way better. Also: I REMEMBER THAT CHAIR! For some reason it super stands out in my childhood memories, now that I’ve seen it again. Love that thing!

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