5 or more ways to style a coffee table

coffee table vignettes

I am always struggling with what to put on my coffee table. It is an old, wooden door from a lumber mill in Eastern Oregon. I love it. I would prefer to have a fabulous carpet underneath to really allow the beauty of the wood to shine but, alas, it sits on a hardwood floor next to a dog that thinks all carpet is lawn.

The table often has coffee on it. The struggle is with what to have with the coffee. Feet. There are feet upon it, too. I decided to grab a bunch of things from around my house and play with different vignettes. Which is your favorite?

my husband's mess on the coffee table

Here is where I started.
This is my husband’s idea of how a coffee table should look.

coffee table styled with a linen cloth

A linen cloth.

my coffee table styled with stacks of books

Piles of books, plants and old, glass frogs.

Jonathan Adler inspired styled coffee table

My Jonathan Adler inspired table.
I found the cat at Homegoods.
The cloth is actually from JA! It’s a napkin.

my coffee table styled with a scrabble game board and a casserole my father made

Using a Scrabble game board and a casserole my father made.

my coffee table styled with flowers

I was so happy to be able to finally walk out into my garden and find flowers.
Springtime IS almost here.

my coffee table styled with a cement bulldog and a real chihuahua

Herman the Chihuahua

coffee table styled with a labrador retriever

Chloe wanted in on the fun, too.

cloth box from bookhou

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11 thoughts on “5 or more ways to style a coffee table

  1. Herman for the win! Expect I need him on my coffee table so I vote the scrabble tableau.

  2. i liked arrangments 2,3,and 4 the best and of course the half of  #1 ha ha. you have an endless stream of ideas,

  3. I liked the first one best, but they all were quite fabulously lovely if you ask me!

  4. I like the linen cloth, but the others are fabulous too. Especially the Chloe one.

  5. I like the round mat, garden one because it shows off more of the cute table. I also like the scrabble one cause its fun.

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