2 Good Jewelry Organizing Methods & How to have a Good Day

Don’t you love it when you have just the right outfit on so that you feel great?! The wrong item of clothing can really ruin a day. I don’t want to think twice about my appearance. The most successful way I find to do that is to wear something that fits comfortably and suits my coloring and shape. I am not a fusser. My hair takes exactly 20 seconds and my make-up 30. My teeth take the longest time. Floss regularly!!! My glasses cost a small fortune but I wear them every minute that I am awake and, my goodness, they are cute. Ask anyone. My goal is to always have comfortable, attractively shod feet. I confess that I sleep in my jewelry. I hardly ever change it. My husband has great taste and that is usually what inspires the change: a gift. But it is beautifully and locally crafted jewelry. Plus I love having it all organized and out on display.organizing my jewelry

my jewelry organized in old dishes

bracelets and pins organized in old dishes atop my bureau

jewelry cork board

jewelry cork board

necklaces and silk flowers hung on a diy cork board outside my bedroom

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3 thoughts on “2 Good Jewelry Organizing Methods & How to have a Good Day

  1. LOL I needed this! I have gathered all my own personal jewelry from many dishes and boxes around the house and now a huge pile sits before me. I am now inspired to create a jewelry board and really see what I have! Just looking at the pile I see the first pair of earrings Rick bought me 23 years ago at the Country Fair, a watch my mother was given by my father when they got married, so much glitter, so many memories.
    Thank You

  2. I always say that jewelery is half for wearing and half for displaying. Though most of mine ends up just for display the majority of the time.

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